Extended Controls

all settings you need just in a widget!

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Just in Front of You

Simply  activate and disactivate features in one click directly on your smartphone's Home. Forget about wasting time in leafing through pages and list of settings.

Personalize it as you wish

Choose and personalize any available setting and use it immediately. Everytime you want and every setting you want.

Less Time, More Battery

Simple and smart way to save your phone's battery. Use your phone 30% less and save on battery

Place it Everywhere

Your own toggle wherever you prefer: notification bar, Homescreen as well as lockscreen. In better words, you decide what to place and where. "Extended Controls" helps you to speed up every day actions.

Share Your Settings

Time to create, time to place and time to share! Share your favourite settings with your friends and help them to organize their toggles.

Not Enough?

Download thousands of themes from Google Play!  Create your unique and personal version of toggle bar by drawing your own theme using our template.


How smart is your phone?

Extended Controls is a must have widget which lets you activate/disactivate your settings just in few gestures. By using “Extended Controls” app you can customize your smartphone choosing which features, among those available, to activate them in a simple and intuitive way in only one touch on your mobile device. Colours, backgrounds and number of functions can be changed by user according to their preferences and needs to create “ad hoc” profiles to share with friends.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see the widgets list, what should I do? Useful! Not useful!

Extended Controls, being an app based entirely on the use of widgets, should never be installed on SDcard. For this reason, check first of all if your smartphone has this application installed on the external memory (Settings-> Applications-> Extended Controls) and proceed with the "Move to phone". Otherwise, after the app install process, try to  reboot your phone. Probably your Launcher has not been updated yet.


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People found this stupid.

I have changed my account on the market, how can I swap Extended Controls from one account to another? Useful! Not useful!

Google does not provide any standard mechanism to switch an application from one account to another automatically. For this reason we are willing to refund the purchase once you've purchased the previous application with the new account. Example: - john_smith@gmail.com, 13/06/2011, checkout_number1 1234567890 - john_smith2@gmail.com, 19/06/2011, checkout_number2 0987654321 Please inform us via e-mail,  including the details mentioned above and we will proceed with refund  the of the first transaction.  


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The Network Data toggle is not working, why? Useful! Not useful!

Some providers have customized the Data Network switch, so Android has removed the feature of the data disabling using "Rename appointing authority (or APNs)". With the latest release of Extended Controls you can set a new mode (shortcuts) that let you open the system settings and check "Data Enabled". In this way you can save battery and disable the Internet connection in a way suitabale to the standard Android.  


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Trying to able/disable a toggle directly, but the settings shortcut shows up. Useful! Not useful!

With latest releases, Android introduces some limitations to enhance safety in the use of smartphones, which prevent the direct activation of some toggles. For example: GPS, Network Manager, Airplane mode.


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Why the Hotspot asks me a password or does not work properly? Useful! Not useful!

The Hotspot toggle is a simply shortcut and it is not able to bypass your provider settings. If a dialog asks you a password, please contact your telephone provider and open an account with them. If the Hotspot does not work, probably because you are using a not stock version of Android. Some providers customize the libraries of this toggle, so we need to test it on all devices.  


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Challenge Yourself

Create your own icon and background and publish it on Play Store!

Download the default template for Eclipse and follow the instructions




  • circle
    Ciselizio Ribeiro de Souza

    ★★★★★ - Nexus 5

    Super jóia Pra mim funcionou que foi uma beleza

  • circle
    Joel Leitner

    ★★★★★ - HTC One

    Just what I needed! The ability to instantly adjust brightness, tloggle WiFi and bluetooth, and even a flashlight. Perfect!

  • circle
    Mathew Potter

    ★★★★★ - IDEOS S7 Slim

    Rewelacja Tak jak napisali poprzednicy, warto wydac te pare zlotych. Profesjonalnie zrobiona i bardzo uzyteczna aplikacja.

  • circle
    Cody Martelli

    ★★★★★ - Galaxy Note

    Most excellent Very polished. I bought it to solve one specific problem. It did but also so much more. Love it, thanks!!

  • circle
    Caleb Willison

    ★★★★★ - Galaxy S II

    Best widget app This is by far the most customizable and best widget app. It's VERY user friendly compared to the rest. I can actually make widgets for specific apps and specific phone settings, THEN I'm even able to customize those! This app wins.

  • circle
    Jason Bloomer

    ★★★★★ - Galaxy S3

    Awesome app! It works great on my Samsung Galaxy S3 running 4.1.2. Because I live out in rural remote area and work from home my main internet goes out from time to time. When it does I turn the hotspot on and use that. It is nice because I don't have to pay extra money to Verizon.

  • circle
    Kristian Bjerke

    ★★★★★ - HTC One X+

    The best and adds... ..the controls/dashboards, I miss in the selection, like more and additional widgets and shortcut functions :) Highly recommended!!

  • circle
    Alexandre Barros

    ★★★★★ - Lifetab P9514

    The app is awesome and the support is unbeatable The developers work hard to make things happen. You can have all the settings easily accessible the way you want and deserve. This really is a must have app to any user.

  • circle
    Andy Munki

    ★★★★★ - Nexus 7

    You need this If you just want easy to access, and configurable controls without hassle then this is the app. Support are fast and friendly. Working for me on nex7, hox, sensation, galaxy, and MIUI, jb, gb, cm

  • circle
    Jacqueline Peralta

    ★★★★★ - HTC One S

    ACTUALLY WORKS! Thanks for a job well done developers! This switch widget ACTUALLY works! Worth the $$$!

  • circle
    Jean-Marc Rushton

    ★★★★★ - Galaxy S4

    Nice App. Good Support Does exactly what I wanted. Wasn't sure how to install on Nexus 4 but support emailed me within minutes with the answer.

  • circle
    Daniel Prince

    ★★★★★ - HTC One S

    Great app / great dev support This app does just what it says. To boot the devs are incredibly helpful. One function wasn't working correctly on my phone and within an hour of emailing them about it, I received an OTA update fix!


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4 star
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1 star

(Last update: 28 Nov 2013)

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Technical Notes

  • GUI entirely re-designed!
  • New icons set and new background added;
  • Added NFC toggle;
  • Added 4G toggle;
  • Added ACRA framework for bug reporting;
  • A new re-designed widget for EC Stats;
  • Added external API for developers;

  • Fixed battery and brightness percentage label;
  • Removed obsolete options in widget configurations;
  • Fixed blank icons for off status;
  • Fixed option "Download backgrounds" from main app;
  • Readded blur customization on icons;
  • Removed obsolete user custom background!
  • Fixed GPS toggle for some devices;
  • The Volume toggle now supports to Android 4.4 KitKat;
  • The app-permissions was limited;
  • Changed 2g-3g toggle in Network Manager toggle;
  • Fixed Flashlight for ALL devices!
  • Fixed GPS, Data Network and Battery for some devices;
  • Fixed Widget int Notification list;
  • Fixed Widget int Notification list;

  • Third-party template for backgrounds;
  • Battery-saver customizations;
  • New sheet for Statistics widgets;
  • Add direct toggle for root users;
  • Add dividers colors;
  • Add theme builder;

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